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Life Through My Lens


A fresh coat of paint will always bring a little more joy in your home!

A clean painted commercial building will always feel more welcoming to your customers!

That’s why we’re here!

Our painting services will not only improve the looks and the value of your buildings, but also protect the surfaces from premature aging, and sealing them from the weather.

We pay special attention to details and the preparation of the surfaces before applying the paint. And, speaking of paint, we love to use the high quality stuff. We get discounts from paint suppliers which we simply pass on to you – we don’t want to make profit from paint reselling but from our work.



We think that doing good business implies doing responsible business. That means not only providing services of outstanding quality, but also giving back to the community.

We’re grateful to be able to participate in providing twice a month food to people in need living in San Bernardino by partnering with Restoration Covenant Church in Redlands. We are also donating a part of our profits to Word Made Flesh work in Romania.

We’re thankful to our customers for partnering with us in making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable of the poor.